The Amthauer test

Intelligence Structure Test (IST)

The service offers online determination of your IQ by the method of the German psychologist Rudolf Amthauer.

AMTHAUER RUDOLF Born December 19, 1920 in Iserlohn; † September 30, 1989 in Frankfurt am Main, german psychologist, specialist in applied psychology, professional diagnostics.

The test is used to assess the level and structure of the intellectual abilities of people aged 13 to 60 years. The purpose of testing is professional orientation and professional selection.


The test consists of 9 groups of tasks; in each group of 16 -20 tasks, arranged in order of increasing difficulty. Before the presentation of tasks for each group, a description of this type of tasks is given and examples explain the way to solve them. First you should carefully read the description of the tasks of the first subtest, understand the meaning of the task and how to display the correct answer in the answer form. Then you perform the tasks for the time specified in the text. After completing the tasks of the first subtest, you go on to study the job descriptions of the second subtest, etc. The test duration is approximately 90 minutes. During this time, you probably will not be able to solve all the tasks, but this should not bother you. All tasks should be solved strictly in order. Do not stay too long on one task


Service tests are provided "as they are ".
Passing the test is free.
The test results are for informative purposes only. An objective result can be obtained when tested by a specialist trained in the field.